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Unusual Suspects #1 The Woman from Otter Rock by justspawn
Unusual Suspects #1 The Woman from Otter Rock
It was early, the phone rang for a couple minutes before i decided to pick it up. It was my partner Trisha, she was given a tip about a missing woman in Oregon. I packed my gear and checked my camera to see if it still worked after the scuffle we had with the werewolf of wolf point, it's a long story for another boring night.

We had a drive ahead of us, we were headed for a little town called Otter rock. Luckily for us we had been in Portland investigating reports of a Sasquatch....

Some time later..... It's 6:14 pm, the sun is starting to go down over the Pacific ocean. We had done several interviews with the towns folk, they claim that a woman name Jessica vanished a few weeks ago, no body, no clothing, nothing...

One person of interest stated that he saw her in the ocean while walking the beach, he claimed that she was sitting on the rocks, and it sounded like she was crying. So suicide? Trisha questioned. The body would have washed up by now, i replied. Not if the ripe tide took her out, Trisha countered.

It doesn't make any sense, from the reports of people who knew her, she was a good swimmer. she wasn't depressed, she was always in a good mood most of the time. Something happened out there, and i'm going to find out what!

As i looked up from my rant, my gaze was fixated at an object fighting the tide. it looked like an otter but the eyes were glowing red.

It was getting too dark to make out anything that far out, i could barley make out my own two feet never mind some random object in the ocean. Probably my mind playing tricks, so We called it a night, the next morning i had gotten up early. My mind was running wild with different theories as The blue tint of first light flooded the window of my hotel room. I stepped out to get some fresh air,  i was drawn to the sound of crashing waves. Something is out there...

I decided to go down to the beach, and comb for any signs of life. Maybe if i'm awake enough i can catch the sunrise with my camera. I had started my walk down there, the incline was steep but i had manged. I noticed a weird set of tracks in the sand that headed down the beach, it was like a human's print but the toes were too far apart.

Strange.... I continued to follow the tracks for awhile, nothing to be found until i came upon a blond woman walking down the beach. I brushed  her off as nothing new, it is normal for people to take walk on the beach in the morning. she was wearing a pinkish wet suit with cut off legs. She wasn't wearing any shoes, as the pale of her soles can be seen even from where i was. 

she did look kinda lost.. in thought or another state for that matter.

I had turned back, headed back to the room in defeat. i had noticed a big piece of driftwood on my over here so i decided to have sit and gather my thoughts. The blond had now turned around and started to walking back towards me. at that point i was lost in thought as I had picked up a stick and began drawing the foot print i had found in the sand.

The girl was curious to what i was doing, Sir? Sir? are you alright? The girl questioned. she sounds concerned. She approached the driftwood i happened to procure.  The webbed toes of the girl poked into my frame of sight. Her black toe nail had a shine to them not to mention the brown fur the were covered in. She only had 8 toes....odd.

My sight shot up to the furry looking female face. Shocked at first, i collected my thoughts and responded like any typical skeptic would. Cute, did you make that suit yourself? She was puzzled at my response. It looks so real as i reached out and touched her arm as she jumped back.

It feels so real too, don't tell me, you used real fur? No, i..i... she broke down into a defeated mess. You did it now, you made this poor girl cry James...sigh, i am sorry i did mean to upset you.. i have something weighing heavily on my mind right now.

She did not respond. she sat down in the sand with her head in her knees.

She looked up at me with tears running down her face, I am sorry.... you are the first person i have seen in weeks. she cried. I thought this was some sort of nightmare. she carried on with her self lofting as the tears continued running down her furry tan cheeks until i could  get her calm enough to explain herself.

She began her story with the usual i come from a small family, and she yammered off from there.  wait..wait.. i interrupted,  So let me get this straight, you were a human but now you are not?  

Yes, ten fingers and toes and all that. In her story she explained that she was on her daily swim when an otter with glowing red eyes had attacked her, it scratched up her legs real good. AH HA! i shouted like a lunatic fresh off his meds, i frightened the poor girl. what was that about, she asked? I have seen your demon otter, he is out to sea by now. She continued her after i had finished my rant.

She had returned to the shore,  panting and hunched over, trying to catch her breath... she started to cramp up from the excessive back strokes she had just done just trying to get back in.  

Not even a chance to catch her breath when intense pain had started to coursing through her body. what was this? I hope i not having a heart attack! Her feet began to cramp up now, her toes flexed forward as a jolt of pain shot up her toes.  Her toes were 
spasmed violently, unnaturally they flexed back and spread. they were making a cracking noise as they shifted into place, the pinky toe and the ring toe had started to lengthen and merge together. she cried out in pain as this was happening.

Like putty, her feet were contorted, being shaped by some freakish force of nature.

Her toes would flex back and forth as if trying to grab on to something, curling and flexing as the pads of her soles would begin to widen. The wiggling and flexing would intensified as her pain would soon turn into release.

The webbing between her toes began to move up the now fused toes. Frighten by the sight she screamed out out for help, but no one could hear her this far out.

With each wiggle and flex of her toes the pain would diminish. she couldn't help it. It was like her body was possessed, she had the urge to move her feet, it felt so good. Her hands soon followed suit. cracking and shifting the same way.

After she was done telling me the whole story in full detail i asked her if she didn't mind posing for a picture. I wanted to document this....  i promised to take her home but she refused as the public might shun her. I think i know someone who can help.....

 Sorry for the long drawn out story, i know i suck at story telling. i will fix and add more later. I Hope you enjoyed!
I am starting to notice trends as i get older. Time and money vanish a lot faster, people are ruder, and i am become less interested in things like TV, movies, and video games. 
And have a Wonderful New year! 
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